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The Group's first company started in 2004 supplying motor fuels in Kazakhstan's domestic market. Having secured contracts with the country's major and mini refineries, we moved to refining, crude supply to refineries, and developed substantial export programmes.
We started export operations in 2007 with fuel oil shipments to Baltic and Black Sea ports. Since then, we have consistently grown and diversified our export routes by expanding our geography and volumes.

Today the exports of fuel oil and VGO are being made through the terminals of Kazakhstan (port Kuryk, sea port Aktau) and Georgia (Port Batumi, port Kulevi). Our export shipments are successfully managed and coordinated between our Dubai and Almaty offices.

In 2014, Petromobil Group started active operations in the grain market. A mill and a storage terminal were acquired in Esil, North-East Kazakhstan, which has now been upgraded to a high-tech modern facility for storage and processing. A team of competent traders and support staff is managing this operation including procurement and sales of grain, sunflower seeds, soybean meal as well as flour production and packaging.

In 2015, the Group entered the information services market with acquisition of 50% share in the training and specialised conference business for the oil industry which had been operating since 1994. Petromobil Group is constantly evolving, with our team being regularly enhanced with experienced and skilled specialists.