The PETROMOBIL Group is mainly engaged in raw materials trading, bulk petroleum and grains supply to East Asia, CIS and Europe. For the past decade, along with our geographic expansion, we have substantially increased our export volumes as well as product assortment. We prioritize building respectful and trustworthy relationships with our business partners, while aiming to provide well organized logistics and flexible terms of cooperation.

The first PETROMOBIL company was established in Kazakhstan in 2004. Today, our geographic service area embraces greater regions which include Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Business operations development and management is coordinated by our offices and business units in London, Almaty and Dubai. We export petroleum products originating from Kazakhstan to long distance foreign countries using transshipment terminals of the Azov, Black, Baltic and Mediterranean seas.

At PETROMOBIL, our team of specialists are continuously expanding our company’s reach and service efficiency. In recent years, we have focused on advancing our strong points, which include among other things:

  • Established successful long-term cooperation with major oil refineries in Kazakhstan.

  • Extensive knowledge of global oil markets.

  • Effective risk management schemes.

  • Well organized international railway and seaports logistics network.

  • Advanced accumulation and transshipment terminals located at optimal locations worldwide.