PETROMOBIL DMCC traditionally takes part of the International Congress and Exhibition Türkiye & Black Sea Oil and Gas held in Istanbul.

Turkish oil and gas conference is an international, professional platform, bringing together over 200 C-suite executives from vertically integrated oil companies, general directors, CTOs of oil refineries, gas processing plants and petrochemical facilities, initiators of investment projects on oil and gas extraction from Türkiye and countries of the Black Sea area, officials of regulatory authorities, licensors of production technologies and world suppliers for the industry. The event enables to establish dialogue, share experience, search for solutions, and consolidate the efforts of business and government for efficient development of key O&G projects in Türkiye and the Black Sea area, including the projects for construction of processing facilities.     

PETROMOBIL DMCC for a long period of time is active in the Black Sea petroleum market supplying Turkish and international partners with wide range of oil products.