Product range

Purchase and sale of grains, sunflower seeds, soybean and flour.

Продукты и услуги

Since 2014 the PETROMOBIL Group has been actively expanding its business operations in the grain market. Our team of experienced production managers and traders successfully oversee the purchase and sale of grains, sunflower seeds, soybean meal, as well as the production and packaging of flour. 

We possess a mill complex with highly efficient state-of-the-art milling equipment producing extra grade and first grade flour, with a capacity of 240 tons per day. Alongside our advanced milling machines, we have production facilities with a developed infrastructure, warehouses for storing ready-made products, our own access routes, weighbridge and laboratories. We offer a wide range of products at competitive selling prices, and aim to service a complete process from grain purchase to the production of high-quality flour. Our strict quality control measures guarantee conformance of harvests with all the applicable state standards and high efficiency of all operating processes.