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PETROMOBIL Group is a commodity trading house.  Our origins are in Kazakhstan, now our geography covers Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the UK and a number of export destinations.

Our key operation is trading petroleum products:

  • We export feedstocks (straight run fuel oil and VGO), blendstocks and motor fuels to international markets
  • We supply motor fuels to industrial and agricultural customers and retail networks in Kazakhstan, Russia and other CIS countries
  • We supply bitumen for road construction in Russia and Kazakhstan

In 2014,Petromobil Group entered the argo and soft commodities market.  Over these years we set up and developed a robust and dynamic trading operation.  We supply grain, sunflower seeds, linen, rapeseed, soybean meal and fertilisers.  In Kazakhstan we produce flour and offer grain storage services.

The Group also includes Confidence Capital, an oil and gas information services company with 25-year history of success.